Resources for Entrepreneurs


Resources & Tools

I often get asked what do I use for this, or what do you recommend to do that.  Well, this area is going to be all about the resources for entrepreneurs I either currently used or have used and it is all for you. Some of the links below will be affiliate links, which means I use the product and LOVED IT and I get a small bit of compensation if you purchase through my link (thank you in advance). Alright, have at it and look through what I have, check back every once in a while as the list can grow.

Recommended Training

There are a lot of programs and courses out there, but the ones below are from some of the top producers in their field.  If you are looking to increase your knowledge in one of these areas then you are in the right place. (Note some of the links are affiliate links where I make a small commission, but would promote them even if I didn’t)

Facebook Training 101 – FBInfluence

Pinterest Training 101 – Power of Pinning

LinkedIN Training – Linkedinfluence

Youtube/Video Marketing – Video Traffic Academy

Reel Marketing Insider – Reel Marketing Insider

Step by step how to create a membership site to sell your content – Sell Paid Content(Stu McLauren)

Tools for Productivity

Evernote – Now this is at the top of my list for multiple reasons.  It’s awesome, BUT it is only awesome if you commit to it.  I learned this a couple years ago, I was an early adopter of evernote but never seemed to get a benefit from it.  Then I kept hearing and seeing people rave about how awesome it is and so I decided to discover what I was missing on.  Want to know the secret?  Use it for everything, commit just TWO WEEKS of dedicating that you will make Evernote the FIRST place you go to for your information and you will become aware when it is not there.

Google Apps – Okay, you are going to need email and it is WAY more professional to use that awesome domain name you have than just regular gmail/hotmail/yahoo/aol(if that is still around :\).  Also, it is ALWAYS a good idea to host your email separate from any other server (like your web host) because if your web host has issues and your site goes down then guess what, so does your email.  Not cool right!?  Google Apps for business is rock solid, you basically have the availability of GOOGLE and the monthly cost is less than a soy latte at Starbucks.  There are a ton of other cool features, but when we are talking about staying connected you cannot go wrong. FREE 30 day trial so what do you have to lose?