Keynote Speaker David Vaughan | Business, Media & Marketing Coach

People Do Business With People, Not What or Things!

Traffic, Leads & Conversions, or T.L.C., is the new green! In this day and age of branding and marketing, the businesses that shine are the ones who attract the hearts of their customers. It’s not about creating and getting, it’s about building and giving opportunities to SAY YES! Giving your customers opportunities to feel a part of the product or service you are delivering let’s them know you see and value them, transforming them from customers to your greatest brand advocates, which gives you the edge to stand out.  I will help you discover how to build your brand as the authority in your industry, allowing you to interact with your audience turning them into an engaged community.


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About David:

An authority on tech, media and brand marketing, David Vaughan has over 25 years as an educator, professional coach, media blogger and impactful speaker on brand engagement and interaction to build a business. David is known for his honest and insightful style when educating and training his community on embracing the human element of their business.  His ability to offer simple plans and projects which allow for more wins has helped numerous businesses from enterprise to small businesses.

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